Rpi2 + Kali reclocker I2S out click/pop when track starts

I have Raspberry Pi2 -> Kali reclocker -> Audio GD HDMI LVDS I2S out and sometimes I hear click/pop when track starts/stops. Exactly the same problem with moode audio player. If I put Kali+Audio-GD on top or Allo Sparky SBC there are complete silence and no pops - everything works great!

I have tried different Raspberry pi boards and all have the same problem. Is this Raspberry Pi’s hardware design flaw or is it a software problem?

i have the same problem with an allo isolator / kali reclocker / audio gd nfb-1 2015 dac i2s direct input rj45.
the problem is not when I use the allo isosolator / hifiberry digi + pro, i2s directly to adio gd dac.
that’s why I think the problem is in the kali reclocker.
a friend of mine has a kali reclocker / allo piano 2.1 and has no problems at all.

Have you ever tried a shorter hdmi cable from kali to the audio gd dac?

HDMI cable is not the problem because with Sparky SBC there are no pops. So that’s why I think this problem could be in Raspberry.

I have tried it with PiCoreplayer and there the problem is not present.

I think it is because there is no dac mute signal on the kali reclocker.

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i have no click/pop when track starts with kali recklocker & Mamboberry HD DAC on RPI3. (volumio 2.526)

we use the i2s input of the audio gd (HDMI LVDS) if I use a hifiberry digi + pro on top of the kali reclocker I do not suffer from pops.
the problem lies then I think of the audio gd or kali reclocker.