RPI Volumio 2.141: Plugins not working

I experienced two issues: not working Touch Display Plugin not working and Search Plugin not working after uninstalling Touch Display Plugin.

I am using a RPI 3 with a Waveshare 10.1inch HDMI LCD (B) touchscreen connected (and a Hifiberry DAC+). This set-up has been working properly without any issues.

A few weeks ago I decided to install a fresh image of Volumio 2.129, but I didn’t install the Touch Display Plugin yet. Today I noticed that there was an update, so I first updated to 2.141 and then I installed the Touch Display Plugin. However, although the installation finished and I was able to activate the plugin, the GUI didn’t disappear on the screen (even after restarting Volumio). I have made the changes to config.txt as suggested on the Waveshare Wiki, but the screen only shows the command prompt, just like without the Touch Screen Plugin installed.

To make sure that nothing had gone wrong during the installation of the Touch Display Plugin, I decided to uninstall it, with the idea to install it again, however, after uninstalling the Touch Display Plugin Search Plugins does not work anymore: it shows a blank tab, just like the Installed Plugins when not plugins are installed.

What can be the issue? Is there anything I can do without flashing a fresh installation again (and having to go again through all the network set-up, NAS mapping, scanning files, etc.)?

Thank you very much.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I will take a look at it as soon as I can…

Thank you very much for your swift response. Much appreciated! Keep up the good work!