RPi user new to Volumio - pesky drive sharing issues

Hello from a new Volumio user, running on a Pi3 via a DigiOne HAT.

To get started I had been using a USB stick plugged into the Pi as a music source, but I figured it should be easy to access the source library in my Pi4.

I have samba running on the Pi4, with 0777 share available.

Via the nice Volumio GUI I can see the share, but it does not mount.

Searching the archives it seems this problem goes back years, so I am surprised this is still difficult to solve.

I really have no idea what it is I am supposed to change/correct to allow the shared drive to be accessed from Volumio player???

I think that you need to give us some more details.

Via the nice Volumio GUI I can see the share…

Do you mean on the ‘Sources’ page in settings? Adding a new drive?

… but it does not mount.

How do you know it does not mount? Are there any error messages?