rpi receiver

This topic covers plugin development of a HAT board for rpi.
Parts of the board are a class D amp and a FM/AM receiver.
Control is via v4l2 interface

Interesting topic. For my current build I’m using a USB sound card wired to a dedicated AMP board. FM/AM receiver was planned but I dropped it, as all cheap chips have direct sound output and I didn’t want to add additional circuitry to switch inputs of the amp. If there would be a small HAT board that combines all that for a reasonable price, I would definitely be your customer.

The HAT we designed is very small and has reasonably price…
unfortunately there will only be the design source, as we are a school where each student can build his own board

I have been working on an initial release but now I got stuck.
I think the plugn should be: name: ‘V4L Radio’, uri: ‘alsa’,plugin_type:‘music_service’,plugin_name:‘v4l_radio’
I’m not sure about uri…
I implemented some configuration - working
I tried to implement UI - got stuck.
In my opinion there should be stations and some sort of “seek” to search for new stations.
For the beginning I wantet to create buttons - no success.
Is it possible to change the UI dialogs from the plugin (Texts,…)

Typo in /volumio/app/pluginmanager.js line 682: defere.reject should be defer.reject

attached my source without node_modules
Is it recommended to place this very alpha on github - and: where (my own github account or somewhere on the volumio git)?

Duplicate follows

Thought I keep it on the Forum…
Hardware received? We reworked it as mpd only supports 44100Hz as alsa input.
You can recompile mpd alsa plugin with 48kHz, then the HW should work.
alsa recipe still missing from mpd template and typo in /volumio/app/pluginmanager.js line 682: defere.reject should be defer.reject is still there.
Been working on the plugin, attached current state.
How should I design the UI?
I need something like a search button, a save button to store a list of stations in a “stationlist.json”?
Where should stationlist.json be? I do not feel confident with /data/stationlist.json
When I start to play the alsa stream it takes a long while until sound can be heard and then it crackels (plays for a while stops for ~ 1sec, plays again) - maybe buffers?
How can I inject RDS data into mpd, so that I can see it on the UI?
v4l_radio.zip (5.85 KB)