RPI + Kali + Piano 2.1 Loud Hissing sound on 24 bit Songs

Hello everyone,
When I first set the Volumo up everythings seems working fine and all of a sudden without any updates etc. I get a loud hissing sound when I listen to 24 bit songs whether it’s DSD, Flac or internet Radio. I found out that it’s a kernel issue related to RPI and I need to enable Audio Resampling and set the Target bit rate to 32 to get around it. It seems like it fixes the problem with 24 bit songs however I still can not listen to DSD songs. I can now hear the sound no hissing but the sound keeps cutting off. Are there any solutions or tweaks that I need to do to get around.

it may not be relevant anymore, but I experienced the same thing. I read in the kali+paino thread on this forum (please excuse me for not refering with a direct link), that you have to set up volumio to resample to 32 bit. Works for me.