Rpi-eeprom-config: command not found


I am running Volumio on Rpi 5, working great. But now I have a new power supply connected to gpio instead of usb-c.

To bypass any power issues I have edited the userconfig.txt and added:

And to get full current I should also add this line to rpi-eeprom-config:

But when I type sudo rpi-eeprom-config —edit
I get this
sudo: rpi-eeprom-config: command not found

What am I missing here?

rpi-eeprom is not part of Volumio OS.

Ok, I see.

Is there any other way to let the Pi know it’s running on full current?

Using a standard Raspberry Pi image flashed to the MicroSD and booted from it.

Remark: Volumio OS is a sophisticated music player and contains only relevant to its design tools.

Kind Regards,

Ok, so I can use the standard Pi image and boot separately and make the required changes. Then boot from Volumio again and the changes will be applied.

Will have a go, thanks!