Rpi cooperation with a preamplifier

Hi, I would like to connect a preamplifier via the i2c line to a raspberry. Are there any Linux plugins or libraries that will extend volumio with functionality such as input selector or sound timbre? I won’t deny that making another brick with another display or remote control is weak. It would be nice to minimize everything to one device.

Isn’t that what DAC hats are for?
For example, I have an Allo Boss, it stacks onto the I2C connector and presents analog audio via left and right RCA connectors, that would connect to your preamp.

I understand, but I was more interested in the add-on with the choice of audio source. If I want to listen to, for example, Internet radio, I have everything (even a DAC for Volumemio in the form of a sandwich). However, if I want to listen to something analog, e.g. a vinyl record, I have to switch the sound source - that’s how I do it now. However, I want to make a combine with all the elements - volume, preamp, selector, power amplifier - all in one housing, without the need to use external devices, which is now the receiver. My volumio now has a QIaudio overlay and that’s all. I want to have as many as 3 inputs and switch between volumio, turntable or whatever comes to my mind in the future.