rPi Airplay connection drops randomly

Hi all,

I have been using Volumio latest release on a RPi 2B with HiFiBerry DAC, driven by Airplay from iOS and OSX devices. All works wonderfully well apart from one problem. The Airplay link just disappears from time to time. Here is what happens:

I link an iOS or OSX device to the Airplay RPi device as normal
I play music as normal, all is well
Then randomly the music goes silent and I discover the iOS/OSX device is no longer linked to the Airplay device, and indeed the Airplay device is no longer discoverable at all from any iOS or OSX device.
I wait for a few minutes and the Airplay device re-appears, and I can reconnect and play as normal until the next dropout

I can’t figure out what is causing the drop-outs. Some days it doesn’t happen. Other days I might get one every 5 minutes, making music playing virtually impossible. iOS devices seem more susceptible to the problem than OSX devices, though once an Airplay drop-out occurs, no devices can connect to the Airplay device for a few minutes, or until I reboot the RPi.

Can anyone suggest what might be the cause? After weeks of puzzling, I can’t see why this is happening!

Thanks if you can help


Same problem here.
The solution I found was to restart shairpoint manually.