RPI 4B 4 GB or 8 GB

Hi to all. Is it worth it to have a RPI 4B with 8 GB, from a sound quality point of view?

My thought is regarding the buffer.

Regarding the buffer, I have a question. If my RPI is 4GB, why Volumio lets me set it to 12 GB?

Thank you for your help!

Buffer size is maximum 12MB, you don’t need more :wink:

8GB is a totall overkill for Volumio. I would recommend 2GB of RAM, 4GB if you can’t find 2GB

So I imagine that the Buffer is using the SD Card? If RPI only has 2 or 4 GB?

Thank you for your answer!

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No buffer goes on RAM, but again, you need maximum 12MB. Buffer is meant to store just few seconds.

And, contrary to popular belief, playing an entire song from RAM does not have any audible benefit (did measure that…)

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Thank you very much! Every day we learn new things!

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