Rpi 4 + IQ audio DAC pro + Hyperpixel 4 - No go!

So… why did i get in to this… addictive, but i´m starting to loose my hair ! ![

The thing is… i have a raspberry pi 4, an IQ audio DAC pro and a Hyperpixel 4.0

I have spent a couple of evenings trying to get everything up and running, and planning a case in walnut for everything…

The Pi and the dac together works just fine, but when i add the Hyperpixel 4, the problems begins… And from what i understand it cannot be used since both the DAC and my screen uses the GPIO pins, and the screen uses basically all of the pins…

Has anyone gotten this to work ?

I read somewhere else that jumper wires can be used attaching the DAC to the screen instead, as a work around to getting everything to work?

Please enlighten me ! !

if the same pin is required for both the DAC and the display, but each of them requires a different function for that pin, it’s impossible to have them working simultaneously

why don’t you take a SPI display instead?

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Hey, and thanx for the reply… Yeah that was what i was thinking too, but then i saw this:

So from what i understand i can use jumper wires to connect my dac to the screen… but i need to know what pins on the dac is beeing used…

several devices can be connected to the pins of the I2C bus, but the DAC also requires three more pins for the I2S bus.

if those pins are configured for the hyperpixel display, they cannot be configured for the DAC, and vice-versa.

the ourcome is: that display cannot work a DAC, because all the DACs require the three I2S pins to be configured for sending the audio stream

Yeah, i´m giving up on this now… been searching for a solution forever now, but as you said it seems impossible… Returning the hyperpixel and start searching for a good alternative then ! :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time and help, sir !