Rpi 4 + Allo Boss 2

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:
Hardware: Rai 4
DAC: Allo Boss 2.873

There is no Boss 2 in the DAC list, how to proceed? Thanks

hello and welcome to the forum :smiley:
do you mean allo boss 1.2 or in other words the second version of allo boss.

if so then you can just select allo boss under i2s.

this one.

Thanks for you reply. I’m referring to this:BOSS2 Player

A good idea might be to edit the original post with the correct information to avoid confusion?

Edit: did you try Allo Boss under i2s anyway?

Yes, no sound.

I see that the Boss 2 player uses a totally different DAC (Cirrus Logic CS43198), so you will need to get hold of the appropriate overlay file (if not already there). From the Boss 2 Player user manual (you do have a copy? ;), you can see:

Yes, thanks, not sure how to proceed. Not familiar with codes, looking for a step by step guide.