Rpi 3 or Odroid C2?

Hello folks,

First of all, you have been doing a great job with Volumio project and I’ve been enjoying it a lot on my HiFi system.

I currently have two setups:

  1. Beaglebone Black with AK4490EQ USB DAC on Volumio 1.5
  2. Odroid C2 through HDMI (max. 32bit/96kHz) on Volumio 2

Since there is not Volumio 2 support on the BBB, I was thinking to use an Raspberry Pi 3 with my AK4490 dac, and leave the Beaglebone for other DIY projects. The Rpi 3 is $35 on amazon and I know its a popular board for DIY use.

Before buying it, I would like to know how the Raspberry Pi 3 worked for you with Volumio 2? Or should I keep using the Odroid C2? Note that I have been experiencing some minor instability issues with the Odroid, and it does not play 24/192 through HDMI.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Did I posted this on the correct forum section? All I wanted to know if the Raspberry Pi 3 would have been a good investment for Volumio…

IMHO yes, mainly for the fact that PI3 is the most used platform out there, and we focus our resources more on it.
However, I don’t think you’ll get bitrates higher on HDMI, just on USB and i2s.

As for speed, C2 is a beast, way more fast than the PI3, but as you said, we’re encountering some stability issues (due to a mix of kernel related issues that are quite hard to solve)

Stability issues, which stopped us from taking the latest kernel have been resolved.
This was due to a major update on the Hardkernel repo, which we did not anticipate enough.
(overlayfs version change, audio driver changes, new u-boot version).


Sorry about thread jack! But i could not let your comment pass;-

Are these changes in the current C2 download?

Or is there an online update for them?

Please, where is the C2 release changelog? ( It is very difficult to find these sorts of answers on Volumio V2, especially for Odroid C2)!

thanks in advance


Patrick, we did not maintain any official hardware specific changelog sofar, not for RPi nor Odroid.
But it might be a good thing to do this. There is a very basic list on github covering the socalled platform files, these include kernel files and platform-specific files we need for building images.

Yes, the current C2 version is based on the latest kernel, there were more changes than we expected ( I did not update since April), some of them making our image incompatible. That has all been fixed.