I currently have a rpi 2 b with a hifiberry dac+ running on volumio 2.118.

I want to update my gear so i was wondering if the mentioned RPI 3 B + KALI I2S RECLOCKER + ALLO – BOSS DAC are gonne work on each other?
i am not an expert at all at this so i would like to find out if this is gonna work plug and play or if i need to do annything special to make it work.
if im right the allo boss dac is a master dac? and the dac has to be slave to work with the kali i2s reclocker? is it possible to set it up as slave? and if so how do i do this? is this just a setting of volumio or?

thanks in advance!!

Hi, with the BOSS you don’t need a Kali (it already features very high quality oscillators on board). And it won’t work, since its a master DAC.

You can get the KAli + Piano (or Piano 2.1) if you want to try it, and be able to upgrade your DAC later on while keeping the reclocker.
Hope I helped

ah oke thats unfortunate
I hoped it did is because it powers the raspberry pi and the dac, with filtration in the power supply (correct me if im wrong).

the reason why i asked it is because im having issues powering my raspberry pi with a non jittering power supply.
i am planning on powering my raspberry pi with a 12v car battery, so i used a voltage step down converter but this device creates a lot of noise and jitter
so i am looking for a solution for this.

the allo piano dac would be sin to use because i allready have a mini dsp :slight_smile:

this is my project threat: