RoonReady support (RAAT)

Guys any interest or plans from Volumio to become RoonReady? … -labs/5104

The Roon Labs guys are making great progress - I use Roon to manage my music and currently stream to 3x Odroid C1+ with PlainDAC’s running Volumio. As the OP said the only method I can use right now from Roon is Airplay.

I’d love to see Volumio utilise the RoonReady SDK and support the RAAT protocol so I could make the most of my endpoints. Any plans on this front?

I just discovered Roon today, and yes, I am interested to support their APIs (but it will be on low priority, at least until Volumio2 will be released)

thanks that’s great to hear - I don’t suppose there’s an Odroid C1+ alpha/beta of V2 floating around is there?