Roon Bridge PlugIn

Hello, any comments on the “Roon Bridge” plugin?
I installed this long ago:

[code] sudo apt-get install bzip2
curl -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

Work fine.
Is the same? I install the plugin and I don’t see anything different.

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It is quite similar. Roon Bridge as a volumio plugin does use a different path for storing its setting files than standard installations of Roon Bridge (in the /data/configuration directory).

But aside from that it simply makes the installation easier for users who are not familiar with ssh or shell.

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Thanks! good job!

Is there no way to send metadata to Volumio?

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Technically this is be possible.
But it requires more effort (and time). It can be retrieved by the Roon API. But I thought, it is more useful if people could already install it and use it without metadata display instead of waiting for a full featured implementation.

I assumed, I saw some lines of code pointing to that, right?
Do you think (calmly) follow the development?

It may be sufficient that you “clean” the “Reproduction” tab of Volumio and report that it is playing from Roon.

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I will look into it, when I have some time. (Christmas time is very busy time for me. )

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Hi, Chris
I think I am trying using your roon bridge plug in in my BBB with volumio 2.
It is a on the list download.
But it seem it fail to run and cannot uninstall as well.
Any update for this or solution?

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Hi, I am using your roon bridge in my BBB volumio as transport but failed, is it due to version problem?

Note: BBB is unsupported, we have no idea how this version was built.
There is no maintainer, except @Mullet who is doing is upmost to help people by running the BBB build as a service (which is very much appreciated).
But there is nobody else to ask for technical support.

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Thanks, so if I using raspberry board with volumio and roon bridge should work?

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people more familiar with pi can answer that, I can only help with mentioning where you will not get any support.

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I have borrow a player with pi board running volumio, it work with the roon bridge!

Very happy with both Volumio and over the last 2 days also Roon and Roon Bridge plugin in volumio. It plays all music from my NAS as well as Tidal.

However one thing doesn’t work as I would like - when I play music from the Roon app I don’ see it in neither volumio web UI nor on the attached LCD display.

Is there any way how to show album art and music info in volumio web ui and attached LCD while playing music from Roon app (via Roon Bridge p,ugin and Volumio end point)?

Read from the start of this thread and you already have your answer :hugs:

roon is on a separate pc, volumio takes a signal from roon and releases it to usb for usb. the music plays and doesn’t stutter. but the volumio as if it bypassed this signal because the progress bar or, for example, the title of the author or the song does not work. below I put the signal path from the roon.please help me

correct, Volumio is bypassed. As you are using the Roon bridge, it has nothing to do with the Volumio UI. You need to control it from the Roon app

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I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the plug-in, but unstall gives this error:
"An error occurred while uninstalling the plugin: Error: Command failed: /usr/bin/sudo /bin/systemctl stop roonbridge.service Failed to stop roonbridge.service: Unit roonbridge.service not loaded.”
So the Roon service is not running. Volumio Primo.
Maybe someone can help.