Roon bridge doesn't work on Volumio

Dear friends,
I’ve installed the roon bridge plugin and Roon can see Volumio.
When I play music in roon, nothing happens on the Volumio.
Also, roon see Volumio as “Airplay” which is VERY BAD for sound quality.
Does Volumio have a real roon plugin?

Thank you,

After a new reset, now it works with roon.
BUT it’s Airplay…

Did you enable the plugin?

Which system are you on?

Yes, the plugin is enabled.
I use Mano Mk2 ultra.
Now I hear music with Roon but in Roon it sees Volumio as Airplay.

That’s not quite the way to do it, you have to enable the audio devices on the target device first (browse the setup - audio menu).
Then you will get the enabled DACs as a selection item as well, Volumio via Airplay is just a default.

Can you explain me how to do that?
I’m new to Volumio and Roon.
If you are talking about the Audio in Volumio, I configured it to I2S to my DAC.
Thank you,

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See the setup part on this page

Thank you.
I found the issue.