Rock'N'Roll !!!

Good evening, everyone,
I quickly introduce myself: rock fan of all kinds, essentially of the 60s and 70s: blues, psyche, funk, progressive, hard rock. . . However, I am open to any music that sounds, old or new.
I’m an amateur musician, very exactly a drummer; French, therefore bad in English; 50-year-old therefore not very comfortable with computers and programming, but I take care of myself. . . .
I am interested in new technologies and I like good sound.
I’ve been using Volumio for a few months now with a RPI 3 and a Dac Allo Boss combined with a monstrous Atoll IN 100 amplifier and a pair of Eltax Monitor III speakers. I am very satisfied with this combination of hardware and software.
I therefore thank and congratulate the entire team for their efforts to provide this super player to the greatest number.
Rock Gods bless you!!!

PS : Sorry for my English. I use an automatic translator.