Robustness Issues

I really love how Volumio has progressed and that it is under constant development. Listening to users and baking in useful features really creates a buzz about a product. However, at this point I feel that Volumio is just not robust enough for me to use everyday. It constantly freezes up and seems very glitchy. I have tried various Dacs, Hats and ARM boards but the results are consistent across the board, even when I use the x86 image on my regular computer. Its very slow and buggy…for example switching from an Internet radio station to a music file often causes it to freeze up and requires a reboot. The volume may or may not work and music may or may not play on the first attempt. I love the features and everything else about it though…I’ll keep trying in hopes that it will become more solid over time.

Good work Volumio Team!! :smiley:

Yes, the complexity of the project has incresed significantly with this new version. All in all we just need a bit of time to iron all the weaknesses that such complexity brings, aka fix the bugs… Therefore any feedback and bug report is super useful :wink:

How can I help with reporting bugs?

Freezing up when switching artist folders on a NAS, Freezing when playing Spotify etc. Any bug reports etc that I should run?

Instead of just complaining about this and that not working, I’d like to give you some information you can use…

Add your issues here

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