Rivo won't play

Although very unpredictable, my Rivo on V3.569, would play a designated source e.g. Qobuz, Radio Paradise etc., but now there is no playback using the app. For example, all Qobuz playlists are seemingly available with all the music selections appearing with the corresponding artwork, but when a track is selected there is no playback (yes, my Qobuz account is active). When trying to play an internet radio source the same thing happens; all the internet stations appear in the app, but when one is selected there is no playback. I’ve tried rebooting the Rivo as well as well as refreshing the app. I’m wondering if the Volumio subscription that I got with the purchase of the Rivo has expired, or if there is some sort of renewal process? For Rivo owners is there way to check subscription status, or is that even necessary? Thanks.

Rivo does not require any subscription, login to a (free) myvolumio account is required mostly for downloading plugins.

Being an owner of a Volumio product, you can get advantage of dedicated support for solving your problem

Please open a ticket here and explain your issue.


Here Davide from Volumio tech support
Please to help you!

A support email has just been sent to your address, please follow up on that for further help

Thank you!