Rivo (Volumio Software) mount SMB to NAS always fails

I was wondering what is going on with Volumio. I cannot connect to my Synology NAS (7.x OS) to serve files. The connection always fails and there is a cryptic message referencing a unix command.


We can’t help without proper information, please post a log and a screenshot where you do a driving mapping, so we have a starting point.

@DED could you please have a look and help?

So, for anyone who wanted to know, I have to add vers=2.0 in the options for this to work. This is still needed as of the current version in Feb of '24 of Volumio.

Just to make this clear as you’re referring to “current version in Feb of '24” I expect your referring to Volumio.

Your NAS is only supporting an older SMB protocol (2006), hence you need to tell it to Volumio.

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