RIVO UI blinks off and on on TV

I just received my new Rivo and have it set up and working with one caveat. The UI when displayed on my TV blinks off and on at varying frequency. Sometimes it will stay on for 20-30 seconds, other times off and on every few. TIA!

First time we had such report.

Do you mind contacting our support? Please provide them with a video and your TV model.

PS: You might want to check HDMI cable or use another one.

I can do that.

The HDMI cable I am using was placed between 1st and 2nd floors during construction and is not accessible (to be replaced), and has performed to date without issue. That’s not to rule it out 100% as I have found HDMI quirky in other applications.

Thanks for the quick response!

So I assume that’s a very long cable… Can you confirm the length?

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About 20-25 ft. Kramer 4k@60hz (4:4:4) high quality cable. Again, which has performed without issue to date.

Thanks again!

The picture quality is great, but it blinks off and on. Article was of no help, but thanks anyway.

For a product that touts “the experience”, it hasn’t been a great one, particularly for the price. If I could get a refund and buy something different I would.

Ol it says max 10 ft ( for 4k 60hz ) your speaking of 20-25ft that’s why it’s flickering :stuck_out_tongue:
so bring it back to under 10ft or
if you still want a good picture you could add a signal extender after the 10ft and extend it to max 30ft :

@volumio @DED can you pick this up?

It works with everything BUT Rivo. BluRay, 4K etc.

are there to 20-25ft of cable in between?
i’m trying to contact people from volumio for you we have to wait till they respond.

i’m just a user like you trying to help but your situation isn’t clear for me.

What’s not to understand. I can’t “bring it back” any distance, wire is routed between first and second floor and through walls. The tv and HDMI cable work for everything but Rivo…I can transmit Blu Ray without a problem, so how can you say it’s the cable. Not buying it. Makes no sense how it would transmit HiDef video but not a static image from Rivo.

Checking to see what it’s worth on the used market, not satisfied with it. $1000.00 spent on a device that does no more for me than Audirvana did for under $100 annually.


Did you connect with tech support on this matter as requested?

Just a small remark. You can’t compare a video specific device to an audio streamer. The first is designed for video output and is for sure good at it, the latter for audio with HDMI capabilities.
Electrical cables are not built to last for ever, so it can be possible that the quality diminish during time.


It’s not so strange you cannot reach this kind of cable track
My suggestion, to be practical, is by trying with an active hdmi signal repeater, ideally placed in the middle.
You can find even cheap stuffs for few dozen dollars


I did connect with support and submitted a log, at which point they informed me there were issues with some LG TV’s. Wish I had known sooner.

As far as the HDMI, it is transmitting VIDEO, not audio, only album art and brief artist info, which is another point of disappointment, you can not control Rivo with the TV/UI, only with a touchscreen. I’ve never seen a 75” touchscreen. As for a signal booster midway….what am I going to do tear my ceiling out to do it?? Never.

The remote, I use iPad, it doesn’t always connect with Rivo the first time. Sometimes if I select a track with the remote it will play a track 4 or 5 tracks farther down the list.

Totally unacceptable at this price point.

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A support ticket was raised from you and after my reply, with no feedback from your side, was automatically closed. My last ping invited you to update the ticket with new comment if it’s not solved.

Please follow up on that thread
I’ll be glad to help you further, but please, let’s collect all infos and steps done in one place, in order to track your case history.


What’s to follow up? You told me there were issues with LG TV’s and offered no solution. I do realize it’s a music player and the UI is just an “extra” benefit that enables you to view metadata on your tv rather than your phone or iPad, and it shouldn’t really matter that it doesn’t work, but it does to me.

I can play BLU RAY DVD without error, TV/DVD video from any source but Rivo displays properly.

The iPad UI is glitchy, I can select a track from a playlist sometimes and a track several tracks farther down the list will play. There are times I CAN NOT get a random track to play. Won’t do it. Why I don’t know.

Sometimes the remote will not start. I have to close and restart, occasionally twice. Before it connects to Rivo.

Seemingly minor things, but in light of the pre sale hyperbole and cost I am somewhat disappointed to the point I have considered selling and trying a different device. I used Audirvana before with my laptop which worked without error for less than 10% of the cost of Rivo. The only inconvenience was dragging my laptop to my listening room to hook up each time I wanted to listen.

One last thing. Possibly a misunderstanding on my part, I was under the impression the on-screen UI would allow me to control Rivo via my tv, which sadly is not the case. I’ve been told I need a touchscreen, and even if I did have one it defeats the purpose of having remote capabilities from your listening position.

I am what has been referred to as an “early adopter” of electronics and this time it appears to have been a bad idea. In the event you feel these are issues that can be resolved I would welcome a reply, but community feedback hasn’t been the answer.

@DED can you pick this up …

He tried, see the post above :wink:

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