RIVO: Multiroom Playback NOT possible

I bought RIVO expecting Multiroom Playback would be possible with other Volumio devices but it seems not so.
This is false advertising!!!???!!!

Volumio OS comes with a Multi-room capability that creates an integrated environment with other Volumio stations in your home.

Up to now I had the SnapCast server setup. I expected to replace it with the RIVO premium built in.

Please let me know I’m missing something and I don’t need to send RIVO back.
Thank you!

Hi Mart,
Rivo comes with all premium features built-in without the need for a subscription. So multiroom is indeed possible with Rivo, so as the play to SONOS and play to Chromecast.

So for example, if you have 2 Rivo multiroom syncronized playback will work just fine. Or any combination of Volumio products.

And, as the sentence you quoted says, Rivo which runs on Volumio, talks and discovers all the Volumio devices on your network (and more).

What you are trying to achieve is to make a multiroom synchronized system by using a mix of Rivo and other Raspberry PI devices that are logged as free plan.

This will not work, because you need to have Volumio Premium on this other Raspberry PIs to enable multiroom synchronized playback on them (and be able to receive or send multiroom synced playback).

So the issue here is not with Rivo, but with other Raspberry PI devices which are on the free plan, and don’t have multiroom synced playback capability.

In my opinion, you won’t regret getting a premium plan for all your other Raspberry PIs: this will be a killer multiroom syncronized playback when you want full house sound, and great SQ when you want to do critical listening.

Hope that helps

Hello and thank you for the extensive reply.

I’m disappointed, though. Not ripped off, because at least I can still return RIVO.

I’m disappointed because other Volumio station for me means also RPI with Volumio.
I’m disappointed because it is great sounding Italian product in the sea of Chinese products.
I’m disappointed because Volumio is a free Italian player I’ve liked for years and buying RIVO seemed also a bit of a support for all the enthusiastic development. Monthly subscription models are just not my cup of tea.

Good luck to you and back to SnapCast for me.

while I understand your frustration I feel that some of your words are unfair.

The sentence you keep on quoting states that Volumio creates a Multi-Room environment, which is exactly what it does: you can control all your Volumio istances from a single UI. It never mentions that you can send synchronized audio to any Volumio instance.

That being said, since it created confusion for you, we will further clarify all points where this is mentioned in order to avoid others misinterpreting it.

I am also sad that you gave us your trust and then felt disappointed, but this is IMHO for a wrong assumption you made since you never tried premium and you assumed that it would work when only a master node was there.

It wasn’t my intention to be unfair, my apologies.

Volumio player is awesome and always getting better. When I saw Rivo I was immediately drawn to it. As I was learning more about it I was sure that it would be a great match for my audio setup as well as my Home Assistant setup into which I have it integrated.

Listening to Rio confirmed it is brilliant and I was totally into it.
That’s why I was so disappointed when realizing I wouldn’t be able to use it as presumed.

It is just my use case which is different to most, I guess.

Keep up the great work!

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