Rivo glitching, no output USB or coax

Upon starting Rivo + remote the UI alternatively flashes three conflicting messages; “The selected output device is not available”, then “Configuration update, player successfully restarted”, then “USB DAC Connected D90SE”.

I tried restarting Rivo, and the remote, no change. Hard restart (unplugged) no change. Changed to different USB cable, no change. Changed to coax input, no change. Incessantly flashes between same three messages.

Will not play. Other sources into DAC play. Please advise.


To ensure efficient and official support for your product, I kindly request that we continue the discussion through the official support channel via ticket: Technical support - Volumio Help Center - Jira Service Management (atlassian.net)

Please share the relevant details or questions through the ticketing system, and I will address them promptly.

Your understanding is greatly appreciated, and I’m here to assist you through the official support channel.