Ripping a CD from the computer DVD drive

Volumio recommends a USB CD drive to rip a CD. Is it possible to use the computer’s DVD/CD drive?

Please rephrase your question, unable to determine you’re ask.
Please elaborate what you’re trying to do

Volumio instructions on ripping a CD:

“Once logged in on MyVolumio, connect your external CD Drive to your device. On your screen, go to the Sources menu and you will find an Audio CD option with the CD icon shown. Click on it and Volumio automatically pulls all the CD Metadata. Thereon, you can read all the artist’s stories and album credits. You can play the whole setlist or just each track by clicking the play button on each one.”

When I open Volumio.local it doesn’t see my computers DVD/CD drive, so do I have to purchase a USB CD drive?

Thanks for your help.


You can buy a USB converter , but this still means you need to detach the CD player from your computer and hook it up with an external PSU.
Normally a Computer CD-Player uses 5 and 12VDC. This will be more expensive as buying a USB-CD-drive. They start form 12 Euro.

If you have a pc with a cdrom drive why not use the pc to rip the CD .
Theres options HERE
Ive used EAC on my windows PC with good skip free results.