i have “virtuson plan”
and in new update i see “rip” disc option
but i can see this option

Connect a USB CD Player with an Audio CD inside.

The rip is flac?

Hello Michelangelo,
I’m trying to have the ripping feature workable.
At the moment I want to test the rip functionality, I added a CD player to my Volumio deployed app.

I followed the instructions I got in a previous, thread, but I’m not able to activate the CD ripping
I’m, using a CD portable cd player connected to volumio.
Once activated the functionality, when I try to start the rip, I get the message that I’m not able to access to the ripping functionality
Any idea or guideline?


I did not go ripping to work. CD is detect fine but ripping will be finished after Track 1, rest of CD will be ignored.
What is wrong?

Quick question. Did you install the nanodound cd plugin as well?

Sorry, no. Is that essentiell or another way to rip CDs?

Why write it as RIP?
To me that is Rest In Peace, like the CD is dead.
It’s rip, it isn’t an acronym and it isn’t all capitalised.