RGB ring indicating Volumio status

Hello all.
I am using Volumio 2.9 since some time with a rotary controler and a 5’’ screen, plus a shutdown/restart module. Everything works fine so far.

I have integrated an RGB ring under the cylindriknob of the rotary controler and would like to use that RGB ring to indicate the Volumio’s status (like: Blue for Playing, Flashing Blue for Pause, Flashing Red for Shutting down, Green for Stopped, etc.).

In general, I can address the RGB ring to change the color, but have not a glue how to integrate my idea into the OS changing colors based on the Volumio status.

My programming skills are few little, though I have some Python skills.

Has anyone in our community ever coded such a thing and might be willing to support me in my “project”? That would be great!


.:. lutz

Your best bet is to use one of the provided APIs


You can post your progresses here and we can move on from there

Thanks a lot. I was not aware of that APIs.
Still, my programming skills are low (e.g. integration as a service into the underlaying OS - maybe thats not a huge obstacle using the WebSocket API).
I will give it a try.
.:. lutz

I use the plugin GPIO Control to control a RGB LED for system status.

The plugin is not officially available yet on Volumio3, but there is a pending pull request to have it included

Thanks a lot for letting me know, @Darmur.

I had a look on GPIO Control
As far as I understand that plugin, it “only” triggers different GPIO on different events.
A RGB string or ring has to be triggered by one GPIO with different signals on specific events which have to be read out frequently. I can assemble a logic in hardware using boolean logic, which is really do not what I want to do.
So, coding seems the be the only solution for my idea :- :grimacing:

.:. lutz