Restarting volumio on specific time

Because every day i have problem with volspotconnect2 in volumio (disappears from the network, can’t connect) i must restart volumio once or twice a day. Is any method to do this automatic? I search for rest api or websockets but i don’t see anything like restart/reboot.
Cron is not available in V2 so maybe you have any solution for this?

There is no as reason why you can’t install cron yourself

sudo apt update && sudo apt install cron

Ok. Sorry for that. First time i can’t install cron without Test Mode.

I have same problem with spotifyconnect v2 0.4.9.
I thought first problem is my wifi because rpi3 volumio did lose connection, until today I tested ssh to volumio and it worked.
And today my other volumio did lose webservice its connected with lan cable so only similarity is this volspotconnect2.
command sudo volumio vrestart helped but I am going to test without this plugin couple days.

I don’t know if it is related to your problems, but there seem to been changes at Spotify’s end. Have a read of this thread ios-spotify-connect-issue-t9193.html

I’m having the same issue. Been lurking on the forums a while and using Volumio for around 2 weeks.

Love it and it works so well it’s replaced my Chromecast audio with a spotty wifi connection.

Only issue I have is as you guys have mentioned. I work from home full time and am able to use the Spotify connect plugin (Installed through the Dev method to the latest version based on this thread - … / Generally it works all day without issues, connecting, moving around, connecting to other devices then coming back. But overnight it stops working. Volumio is still up and responds on the GUI and SSH, but the Spotify connect plugin no longer shows in my Spotify apps on desktop or Android.

A restart fixes it, so I attempted to install Crontab. However, that doesn’t seem to work either (Cron itself doesn’t seem to restart the pi no matter how many different things I’ve tried).

So I’d love some advice on how to fix this.

Obviously, a daily restart isn’t a massive issue for me, so not that big a deal :slight_smile: