Reset Volumio

Hi there,

I’ve been having an issue with Volumio for a while now whereby providing incorrect configuration the first time e.g. Spotify username and password prevents you from using this feature. I have seen this is a known issue however I’m now experiencing a different but similar problem.

While trying to set up Volumio to use my Samba share several incorrect attempts have now placed Volumio into a state where I can’t open the settings. After re-booting, Volumio comes up and I can hit the web UI but I can’t do anything else. Selecting “network” or “settings” from the menu just leaves the UI to hang.

I’ve had this issue several times and resolved it by re-flashing the SD card. My previous card however became corrupt so I’d like to avoid that this time if possible.

My question - Is there a config file / value / script or some way of resetting Volumio back to the state it would be after a clean install?

I am running with an RPi 2 and an IQ Audio DAC. The build is an image taken from the IQ Audio site with the required configuration for the DAC already provided.

I am not great with shell but can follow instructions and perform simple debugging. This has been beyond me however as so far I haven’t found an answer to the above question.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I suggest you to use the latest version from our website, the version you’re using is veeeeeeery old.
The first time you’ll turn it on it will automatically detect and configure the IQAudio DAC you have. Also, to reset Volumio, from system settings you can select either delete user data or factory reset .

Let me know how it goes

Hi Michelangelo,

Thanks for your reply.

I hadn’t realised how out of date that pre-configured image is. I will try it with the latest build for the Pi 2.

I have tried to re-set via the UI but unfortunately I’m unable to access settings. It seems that Volumio is in an unrecoverable state so it looks like flashing the SD is the only way to go.

I’ll post back here any helpful hints.