Reset Volumio Network Configuration

Hi Guys,

when updating the WLAN Password of my Volumio device, I guess I messed it up. Now Volumio does not connect to the wifi and is not creating a hotspot either. Hence I am not able to connect with my mobile or PC to update the configuration. Is there any way to reset the network configuration without wireless access and not have to setup a new sd card from scratch?

Volumio Version: latest
Hardware: RaspberryPi 3
DAC: HifiBerry Digi+

Has your internet modem got any LAN ports. If it has, plug the RPI into the modem. It should obtain an IP address which will allow you to access it via the LAN and change your WI-FI settings.

Well yes, it does and I was able to reset the wifi settings this way. Turns out the auto hotspot setting was turned off for some reason.
Thank you.

Auto Hotspot Fallback is set to OFF by default. I would prefer it to be ON by default.

I set mine to ON and if I take my Volumio setup away from my home, it allows me to connect to another network easily … or even operate Volumio from the App on my Phone by connecting the Phone WiFi to the Volumio hotspot.

Good to know. I thought ON was the default setting, because of that I was confused I could not connect to my device via wifi. From a security point of view its probably safer to set it to OFF by default but as you pointed out ON would be more convienient.

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