Reset album art cache via command line argument

I want to do a cronjob to reset album cache automatically every night. Is there a command line agument for that?

Curious as to why you would want to clear it?

This is an internal function and not exposed via the external API. However, you could get it working via a somewhat roundabout way by calling a node script similar to this one - Command to regenerate mpd.conf - #8 by ashthespy.

You would need to adjust the endPoint keys to "endpoint" : "miscellanea/albumart", "method" : "clearAlbumartCache"


Thanks ashthespy! My intention was to update volumio every night because it does not recognize new files or covers on my NAS so I always have to do manually update the folders or the whole source. But it seems that espacially existing cover.jpg files are not updated when I replaced/changed them on NAS and volumio sticks to the old covers. Ergo I also have to reset album art cache in volumio manually. I wanted to do both steps as a cronjob nightly like ‘fire and forget’…