Rescan Update My Music; icon wont stop spinning

When I update or rescan My Music the icon next to Browse won’t stop spinning, although the process has been completed. I verified that the process has been completed by monitoring the modified date and file size of tag_cache. Both stay the same, even after rechecking hourly throughout the day.

It spins for a long time, but stops eventually. Perhaps it’s because the library is scanned for Artwork?

It never stops spinning. Yes, maybe it’s artwork related. Nevertheless, this is new behavior after I’ve upgraded to the latest version of Volumio. I do have a very large library though, still.

Please disable the Web Artwork option. Then Volumio will not scan the web, but rely on the Artwork stored in the Music file.

You will have to manually apply Artwork.

Or try leaving Volumio on thru the night, so that it gets all the required artwork.