Rescan NAS library on each update


Volumio Information

Volumio Version:3
Hardware: rpi4
DAC: SMSL sanskrit 10th mkII

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

Additional Information

After each os update, the library is lost but the NAS folders still in place. Needed to rescan all the folders.

What version is this?


This is a test build, which has some features that we are testing (like rescan if database is empty).

Why did you update to this BETA version?

You can reinstall the official release and this issue will not be there

Ok wellnoted
I’ve to check the reason why the interface shown me this update proposal.

Please disable the test mode in:

This should only be enabled on Volumio’s request or if you like to walk the experimental road. (and take errors for granted as those test releases are mend for specific testing, which might break other functionalities)

Did you enable test mode? Where you got your image or system?

tes Pb solved, I’ve deactivated the test mode.
Tks at all !