Resampling of Spotify ?


I own a Soekris DAM1941 DAC and feed him trough a RP4 and Ians FifoPi ultimate directly I2S.

Now, i learned that the DAC expects 32bit input on its I2S input.

When playing anything with 16bit, no music at all. Be it CD from my NAS or spotify. With 24bit i get music.

As a work around, I tried for my CD collection Volumios resampler, which works, we have music.

Unfortunately this does not work for Spotify, and I guess neither for tindal. Is there any progress planned on that front ?

Or could there even be a DAC-setting for the Soekris 1941 like there was one entry for the Dam1021 (which did not help for this one) ?

Thanks so much.

Hi, did you get it to work? I have several dacs with the same issue.

Resampling done in volumio only affect mpd. So, anything else played by an other player Spop in the case of Spotify or Vollibrspot -a fork of librespot for Spotify connect is not concerned.
The workaround would be to use : . But it is old and not tested recently…
Or : even if you do not use FIR filter, just use ‘none’ as filter and set output sample rate and output format. See :

@balbuze Is it possible to use ALSA directly for such resampling via a slave device for such cases? I am not sure of the repercussions though…

Yes it should be possible and even done with the plugin volgr… The problem is to redirect output in Volumio to it instead of hw. This is the big difficulty in Volumio…