Required login and password

I wanted to install Volumino. Nowhere do I find the required first login and password information to install the system. Normal login such as admin/admin; volumio/volumio or volumio/admin will not be accepted. I have no idea what kind of login and password is necessary and It is a pity that such information is not basically communicated at the beginning in the installation instructions.

You don’t have to login anywhere to install Volumio. After writing the Volumio image to the SD card you start the Volumio system. If it is connected to your LAN you can access the UI of Volumio through a web browser as described here:

In case you want/need to connect wirelessly: After Volumio has started it opens a hotspot you can connect to using the password volumio2. This is described in the quick start guide (


Once you have enabled SSH access (see below), you can log in with:

  • user: volumio
  • password: volumio

The OP has not been here since 26th November 2019, so I think your post has fallen on deaf ears…