Requests for Qobuz and Spotify Connect

Is it possible to have the option to browse the music ‘Category’ for Qobuz, I have seen this in Andriod apps that stream via Upnp, tis would make it better for the general use of Qobuz as trying to find new music to listen to is quite tedious on the Volumio Primo and reduces the the amount I use Qobuz as a result.

Also regarding Spotify Connect, as I have the full Primo package, it doesn’t allow to stream from a free Spotify account.

Which is a bit disappointing as I paid the extra for the full superstar package with the Primo, I am comparing this directly with a Cambridge Audio CXN (v1) (got to admit the Primo does sounds better to me) which does allow to use Spotify connect with a free account, which I used to use before getting the Primo.

Well the issue is that the Spotify Connect plugin that is part of the normal Volumio (that is free, open source), isn’t officially from Spotify. Hence we don’t support free accounts, as what we are doing is already not really supported by Spotify.

If Volumio manages to get the offical SDK from Spotify, it will probably be locked to certain hardware as they require specific hardware, and don’t allow you to publish a generic solution. I realise for your Primo use case this wouldn’t be an issue, but this would mean you can’t have something that you install on your own device like myVolumio currently is…
Lastly Spotify usually only entertain the bigger hardware providers. :frowning:

tl:dr the free vls/librespot based Spotify Connect will not support free accounts.