Renaming of My Music settings section

How we should rename “My Music” section in the settings menu?

  • Don’t rename it, My Music is fine
  • Audio Sources
  • Music Sources
  • Sources

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Dear Community, an interesting suggestion came in… Renaming My Music section on the settings menu, to give a better first glance insight on what is in this section.

As always, we would like to know what you think, and here’s the poll.

Let us know how you would like My Music section be renamed to, and if you have other suggestions, let us know!

I think it should be renamed and voted for “Sources” (Audio Sources is also ok).
I think sources fits much better, as Music nowadays does not come exclusively from local files or files that are stored on your network share. It can already be seen when using a MyVolumio plan: Qobuz and Tidal do not fit with “My Music” as it is actually not your music…
Another aspect is, that even though Volumio is about Music, some people might use it for other things as well. Like spoken words, audiobooks or other stuff. Sources or Audio Sources is neutral and does not limit the user by its wording (how it should be used or how it is meant to use).