remote controlling volumio


Can some one help me with an example of how to run commands via external server. Meaning: connecting to a port on the volumio player and send a command.
example volumio player at - port 3000 - command string “play”.


For example I toggle mine on/off (play/pause) via a shortcut on my desktop (to a batch file) using

curl -X GET

Where is the IP address of my Pi (used as an internet radio). Or from a web browser, just the link (everything to the right of the GET) works too.


Unfortunately i cant use this way of working. I need to send a string command that is sending for example “play” to ip volumio via port yyyy. I cant implement a curl command.

Can you explain your usage case in more detail, and why something like curl isn’t an option?


i took some screenshot of what i need.
We are using a Jnior automation unit from Integ,
there we have to define a device with ip number and port number - i guess that would for example 3000
volumio screen shot 1.PNG

then we have to create a macro (left fields in the screen shot) where we can program the commands (right fields in the screenshot)

volumio screen shot 1.PNG
volumio screen shot 2.PNG

From a quick read of the manual I’m not sure you can do it.

The closest I can see is the text sent by the macro (page 14) but I’m not sure that’s a command that’s sent.

But overall I’d suggest you’re better asking them for support directly or browsing their knowledgebase as this is a bit outside of Volumio and is more related to the controller end than the Volumio one.