Relocating iqaudio pi-dac+ RCA jacks

I’m a happy IQAudio pi-dac+ user since a week. Would like to build a case around my Pi + Dac which means I’ll need to replace the current RCA jacks with panel-mount types. I have some soldering experience but am definitely not an expert.

Anything I need to know before starting this? How difficult is it to remove the current jacks and replace them with some short wires to new ones?

Options I’d suggest are:

  1. get some phono to phono cable - cut off one end and solder this cut end to the panel mount phono jacks - use the other end to plug into the Pi-DAC+ phono sockets (no need to desolder the Pi-DAC+ phono connector)

  2. solder cables to your panel mount phono connectors and take these leads to the 2x4 pin header provided on the Pi-DAC+ (no need to desolder the Pi-DAC+ phono connector)

  3. Go to maplin / radio shack etc. and buy a heated solder removal tool - makes the removal of components MUCH easier.

  4. Buy a Pi-CASE+ :slight_smile:

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Are the other components sensitive to heat? need any special equipment or would regular soldering iron and desoldering tool ?

Did you find any nice case?
I thinking about this or something clean … lver-h3564

Thanks for the suggestions!

I still have this case lying around which I had already ordered for another project: … case-black Thing is that it doesn’t have sufficient height to keep the existing connector on the pi-dac+. Otherwise I’d just use a cut phono-to-phono cable like you suggested.

BTW: is there any documentation about the pin layout on that 2x4 header? And since I’m asking: what is that little switch on the board for?

@jonas18z That looks like a nice case. Does it have any mount points for the pi inside? And looking at the height you’ll probably have the same issue with the connector.

Let me answer all these questions in one go…

  1. components sensitive to heat
  • yes, don’t keep the soldering iron on things for any longer than needed.
  1. any special equipment or would regular soldering iron and desoldering tool
  • we just use the same tools you can buy from Maplin etc.
  1. documentation about the pin layout on that 2x4 header
  • The PCB’s silk screen should show…
    pin1 (closest to RED Phono socket) is Right Signal,
    pin2 Right ground
    pin3 Left Signal
    pin4 Left ground
    pin5/6 No connect
    pin7 GPIO27
    pin8 GPIO22 / Headphone mute (goes low / high depending on headphone jack’s status)
  1. switch on board is to enable write on the HAT EEPROM. Nothing to see here, move along :slight_smile:

Please post pictures if you make any modifications. It’ll be nice to see cases etc.

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Someone did this but it´s not the + model and the DAC sems smaller. So I wonder if the raspb plus case and iqaudio pi-dac+ will fit if you remove the RCA:

Since I was planning on desoldering the jacks, I first had a go at them with a dremel. Turned out that I could grind them down low enough so they could fit in the case. I did have to be creative with the screws and spacers to make everything fit though. See the pictures below.

Nice work ives :slight_smile: