Relative newbie - back to try Volumio2

Hi Everybody

I am back to try Volumio2. I managed to get version 1 running on a RPi with a DAC HAT after trying out several different Music Servers/Streamers/Players for RPi. I thought Volumio was the best. But a house move and work got in the way and I haven’t used it for the last 6 months or so. Now I have a little free time I saw a post about Volumio2 and thought I would rebuild my “music” set up and try it out. Especially as I have just acquired off eBay a Sony and a set of Mission speakers. I wonder if there is a simple upgrade path for RPi or whether it would be better to start again. I’ll start by migrating my music collection from a Win10 PC to my Mac mini as that is my main platform these days.