Regular playback stoppages on random.

Hello - I am a newby with the forum.

I have Volumio running on Rpi with a HifiBerry DAC +. Sound and functionality are excellent. It is a great concept and your work is much appreciated.

I am getting regular stops with playback on random and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issue and whether or not there are an configuration fixes I need to apply. I am using the latest build 2.175.

I have recently uploaded a bug report to:

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. Hope I have posted to the right area.

I had a similar issue. Deleting the contents of my Queue fixed the issue.

The issue is known, we might have to change the algorithm, basically change random to shuffle. This is going to take timeā€¦

Many thanks for the response. Shuffle would be good but understand these things take time. Still a great system. The output with Hifiberry DAC + is excellent.