Regressing to version 1.55

After struggling for 3 days I’m done with version 2 and regressing to 1.55 again. I don’t want to discourage the good people here(who’ve worked very hard and tried to create a great new product) but IMO the new version release has been too hasty with lots of bugs. I think the team should focus on fixing the bugs instead of decorating the interface.

Some of my observations on V2…

Volume control doesn’t work. I think volume control is a fundamental operation in an audio device and should be fully functional in all cases. The old version at least had some options to tweak the settings.

The UI is not very responsive. The UI in V1.55 works great even without all the node.js and other stuff.

The library entries vanish after reboot.

The image is heavily modified and doesn’t leave much room for tweaking and upgrading. I can understand the necessity to restrict modification but if I just wanted a music player I’d have gone and bought a music player. People like me like to experiment and play around with the system. If the mpd is custom built then fork it and provide a separate download link for it and don’t call it mpd anymore.

Well… I hope the team takes my opinion as constructive feedback.


First point, it hasn’t been released! You are using pre-release software that we know has bugs and issues… It has been released in this state for you to try and provide feedback on.

The interface is the main way you will interact with Volumio, so it deserves just as much attention as any other part of the system.

Can you be more specific on the problems that you have had? What doesn’t work with the volume control? What system and DAC are you running it on?

Just saying its unresponsive and it doesn’t work doesn’t give a lot to go on.

There are still lot of work to do to have a final release, the more informations you can provide, the better we can address the issues.
One thing is for sure: performance-wise, the system will be less responsive on older devices (like the pi1 and b).

Do we have a benchmark on Pi versions regarding boot time and reactiveness?