$recycle bin

Need some help please.

I’ve just transferred my music to a new hard drive and all went well, but I’ve since deleted an album but it still shows up in MyMusic as it’s gone into a recycle bin on the drive!
When I network into this from my pc wirelessly I cannot clear it as it says it’s in use by another programme!

I removed the drive (usb external sata) and connected to the pc directly but then the recycle bin folder is gone! Or not viewable.

Please help me out here guys

You probably need to empty the recycle bin in your PC :wink:

The pc bin is empty, the files are on the usb drive and cannot delete them?

It says the files are in use by another programme, presumably volumio

Detach from Volumio and attach it to your PC :wink:

I’ve tried that too, when attached to the pc the folder doesn’t appear.
I have hidden folders turned on too, it just doesn’t appear on the drive.

No idea about Windows use of recycle bin on external drives really, but this link seems to suggest an extra step of unchecking “hide protected operating system files”, which you didn’t mention doing.

Aha! That looks like it might be the trick I need!
Thanks for your help buddy I shall try that when I get in, great stuff.

I went through that game myself and finally got it sorted. I have my music library on a usb hard drive the same as you and recently connected it to my Win. 10 pc to do some deleting and adding of music. I did not really give a thought to the recycle bin at the time but the next time I looked at it I found hundreds of files there and deleted them.
Am I right in thinking that only files deleted while connected to my pc go into the bin, or do music tracks deleted from playlists or queue etc. go into the bin as well. If so this could be a bit of a pain as I discovered the album view was actually picking up these music files from the bin and displaying then in all sorts of weird orders.
PS I have now changed the delete files method for this drive to permanently delete files without sending them to the bin