Recover connection to my old Volumio RPI

Hi all,

A slightly different take on a question that has popped up before: I had Volumio (v.2) running on a Pi 3B, on wifi in another country. Moved countries, packed everything up, a few months later unpacked everything, started up the Pi, and realised I don’t know how to get onto it to change the Wifi configuration so that it connects to my new router. It is running headless. Any suggestions? Can I somehow connect directly using an ethernet cable to the router, but if so, how do I find the Pi? Will it still be at Volumio.local on the new network? I did this, but the router didn’t seem to show it connected.



If you had the hotspot enabled, then Volumio should start it on not finding a wifi network that it can connect to. Have a look on you mobile/tablet etc. and see if you can see the Volumio hotspot, connect to it, and then access your Volumio GUI at Let us know how you get on :wink:

Thanks Chsims1,

There is no sign of the hotspot. Nor have I had any success changing our current network to use the SSID and key of our old network, hoping to get it to reconnect as it used to do.

If I connect the Pi directly to the router with an ethernet cable, how might I then try to find it on the network? Will it simply be available again at volumio.local?

Log in to your router and find the page listing the connected devices.
There you’ll find the IP assigned to your PI.