Recommended Raspberry Pi to run Volumio with bruteFIR room correction

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.779
Hardware: Pi 4
DAC: tbd USB

I’m about to buy a new pi4 to run Volumio using bruteFIR to enable room correction. Mainly 44k1/16 and 96k/24 FLAC files. How much RAM would you recommend? If >4GB I can wait until 8GB compatible image becomes available.

With Dsp for Volumio,
I use a RPI3 + allo boss
I use a RPI4 4Gb + usb DAC
I use a rpi2 + Iqaudio DAC
In each case with 65536 tap long filter.
Fine :wink:

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Hi balbuze, thanks for your advice. I’ll get a 4GB Pi 4. Running the 65K filter do you recall how much CPU and RAM resource are used?

Also on my purchase list will be the FLIRC case to heat sink the CPU although this does of course prevent the use of a HAT board in a non USB application