Recommendation for USB DAC module

Since the I2S output on my RPi 2 is obviously fried (ref. this topic: Issues with I2S DAC), I’m looking for another solutions. I always thought that I2S DACs are better for RPi but now I read that USB ones can be better. What can you suggest me? I’m looking into other topics with suggestions but most of them are external DACs in separated housings and they are huge! I need a small module that will replace my ES9023 I2S DAC and that will fit into the housing I built for the device. Also, I’m not an audiophile so I’m not willing to pay 100+ $ for a DAC, since I don’t have some adequate sound system for it. I just want something a little bit better than the analog output of the Pi, and the same or better than the ES9023 I2S DAC. Also, I need the analog output. SPDIF and coaxial would be bonus for future but all my audio gear currently have only analog inputs.

For example, something like this perhaps: DAC Decoder PCM2704 USB Audio Card Module Analog SPDIF Coaxial HiFi Decord | eBay

What about those isolator boards, are they worth something or just a SCAM? USB Isolator Board Audio Noise Eliminator DAC Digital Isolation Module + Case | eBay

I have a cheap 7-1 USB HUB integrated into the housing, connected directly to power supply but I have one USB directly on the Pi still free so that I can connect the DAC directly to the Pi. Maybe, if I will have space in the housing, maybe I could make a small linear power supply just for the DAC. Currently I’m using a SMPS 5V 5A power supply to power everything.


Have look at Khadas tone board.


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