Recognizing music on USB HDD

So finally got Volumio to work (not via wifi) and now I have some issues with being able to recognize the music on my USB harddrive.
At the moment I run Volumio on a raspberry pi 4 and I added a usb harddrive with a rather small collection of flac’s (30~40GB). The problem I have now is that only like 8 albums show up on volumio. Is there a way to tagg them all so that it does recognize them? Thx for the help in advance.

Check that you don’t have any unusual format tracks on there, which are making mpd throw a “wobbler”, and not complete it’s scanning. You could also have a look at the log files to see if there are any clues in there (see documentation).

Also, just check file permissions.

Are they sorted into directories?
\Band Name
\Album Name
\Album Name 2
\Album Name 3
\Band Name 2
\Album Name
\Album Name 2

and so on.
As far as I know Volumio does not work with tags, it needs separate directories to structure and show the music.

From what I’ve seen the tags are used, for example an album with a main artist and multiple minor artists that I put in the folder of the main artist, shows up under multiple artists and not just under the main artist.

Yes, I made too broad a statement. You can’t rely on tags to sort and display albums and artists correctly, you need the band\album directory structure I think. But Volumio certainly looks at the tags and you end up with duplicate band names and things if there isn’t consistency in the tags.

Echo & The Bunnymen
Echo And The Bunnymen
Echo and the Bunnymen
Echo & the Bunnymen

All listed as separate artists due to the Album Artist and Contributing Artist fields.
I spent some time yesterday correcting these sorts of issues.

The Various Artists thing is possibly more philosophical than technical.

The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records (TBTCI) < Who made/released the record
Zero Hour - Suicide Revisited < Record title
Dream Baby Dream < Song title
The Cigarettes feat. Gustavo Seabra (PELVs) < Artist doing this cover version

For me the Contributing Artist in this case would be The Cigarettes feat. Gustavo Seabra (PELVs)
and the Album Artist would be Various Artists.