Reclocker & power supply

Dear all,

I would like to improve the sound of my DAC (IQAUDIO PI DAC+) by using a so-called reclocker.
I think I have understood how it is functioning but I am not sure if such a board will bring any notable sound improvements.

My questions are:

  1. Do you have any experience with such a set-up? Would you recommend such a board?
  2. Can I use any reclocker with my IQ Audio PiDac+?
  3. Can I stack on a top some Raspberry Pi aplifier (such as IQAUDIO – PI-DIGIAMP+) and get the whole stack (Raspberry Pi + reclocker + DAC + Amp) up and running under Volumio?
  4. Power supply: do you hear any differences between the 5V micro-USB power supplies? Would it be better to use a power bank instead of some Pi power supply?

I listen mp3s (all different bitrates) and FLACs and I connected my Pi Dac+ to an Onkyo AV receiver (“pure music” settings) with some floor standing loudspeakers (Teufel) - basically not an outstanding audiophile rig or some professional listener :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your support!

Best regards

If you mean the Kali reclocker, it’s not directly compatible with your DAC. You would need to supply the DAC with 3.3V, since the Kali does not pass that through from the Pi. It’s not difficult to do, but it requires a bit of DIY.

Hi Jonners,
Hi All,

I mean the Allo Kali reclocker. Do you have any experience with it? Does it have such a positive influence on the output quality?

Do you know if I can use the Kali reclocker and the allo dac with Volumio?

Regarding the power supply I mean the normal power supplies for the RPi or the attached HATs. I have read that the power supply has a huge influence on the output quality and decided to use a power bank instead of a normal USB power supply.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards

You can certainly use Volumio with Kali and an Allo DAC. Kali does make a noticeable improvement.
A good power supply will also help, but in my experience the Allo Kali makes more of a change.

The Kali works perfectly with Allo’s Piano and Piano 2.1 DAC’s. It does NOT work with Allo’s Boss DAC as the Boss does its own reclocking.

If you have/use the Kali, best to use a good powersupply (from Allo or other fitting laptop PSU) to feed the Kali and let the Kali power both the Pi and the DAC. It is designed to do so :slight_smile:

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Hi All,
Thanks for your replies!
I have ordered the Kali and the Piano 2.1.

Another question: can I switch between the 2.0 and 2.1/2.2 modes directly in the Volumio user interface without being forced to edit some text files?

Yes you can switch between modes but I think you have to reboot.

Ive tried numerous powersupply solution and if you dont have a very good linear/regulated powersupply then powerbank which is basically battery is hard to beat. Betters every switching ps ive tried including Allos Ps.

Did you try these powersupplies when using the Kali? So in your opinion, the Kali (and DAC on top) perform better when using a powerbank/batterypack instead of a good (like the Allo) PSU to power the Kali?

That would suggest that the Kali might not perform as well on the powerfeed part as might be expected? @allo, any suggestions/recommendations?

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Not only with the Kali but also with the Sparky and Raspi3. The battery or powerbank sounds better than all of the Switching powersupply including the Allo with bothpwoering the kali and or Sbc. Now a good powersupply i reckon starts with a linear regulated ps with say series pass. Now thats a different story. Thatll better then battery but switching PS ahhhh. No

Ok, so you say that there still is room for @allo to improve the powerside of the Kali to reach the performancy level of a battery fed solution. @allo, is that even possible?

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Unfortunatelly, the Kali reclocker has no classic micro-USB sockett so some adapter is needed.
On the other side, the Allo power supply has 3 Ah. The power banks have around 1-2,4 Ah.

I will search for a power bank with enough power and I will use it with the Kali.

Now I’m using iFi iPower for Kali and Piano 2.1 and a powerbank for Raspberry, I’m pretty satisfied with this solution but I wonder if there is space for an improvement with a different PSU.

I currently use a 3.5A Audiophonics linear regulated power supply for the entire set-up (RaspberryPi3 + Kali + Piano2.1).
It is better than the power banks and has been recommended by Hans Beekhuyzen in one of his Youtube reviews.

Do you power everything through the Kali or using the micro-usb connection of the Pi? Or are the Kali and Pi wired seperately from the same ps?

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I just power the reclocker.

So the Kali Reclocker will work with the IQaudio Pi-DAC Pro, and the IQ-DAC Pro will work with the ASUS Tinker Board, but do you know if the Kali Reclocker can be used with the ASUS Tinker board?


i am quite sure it does not as the Kali has been designed for the Pi and not as a generic I2S device. Best to validate with Allo themselves to be 100% sure.

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