Rearranging and sorting webradio stations

I found out that it is pretty easy to rearrange webradio stations in folders.
To those who are interested, follow this post:
and at step 2.), instead of adding new streams, you can reorganise your streams in subfolders. Just generate subfolders and put the .pls or .m3u files where you like them to have. For example, I have put all pre-installed stations in a folder named “pre-installed”. My personal favourites are then ordered according to country: France, Germany, BBC,…
Finally, don’t forget to update the library through the WebUI.

BUT: There are some surprising issues which raise questions.

1.) Once you have subfolders, the WebUI only shows the subfolders, but no .pls or .m3u files anymore even if they are on the same level of hierarchy. For example, if you put all pre-installed stations in a folder named “pre-installed” and add the .m3u files for your favourite stations DIRECTLY into the folder “WebRadio”, the WebUI will only show the subfolder, not the other stations .m3u files.

2.) To me it is completely cryptic, what determines the order of webstreams in your folders. In the Windows explorer, I can order my files alphabetically or chronologically. However, this obviously doesn’t affect the order of files which I see in the WebUI. What I see is obviously not alphabetically, so renaming the files doesn’t help.
–> Could that possibly be fixed?

3.) Currently, the WebUI just shows the filenames. It’s ok when they are named according to the station they link to. But I was wondering if it would be possible to give them some type of Metadata which makes them appear according to their station name.


I have the same problem. Is this a bug or is there a fix available ?