RCA audio output does not work

Hello, I connect the RCA audio output to my pro-ject Pre Box DS2 Analogue

and does not work. I made the audio output in the settings.

You need to explain what you are talking about.
What equipment has the “RCA audio output”?
What does “I made the audio output in the settings.” mean?
What settings? On what equipment? How did you make the audio output, and what does that mean?

Is volumio on a raspberry pi (0?) a decent replacement for the cca? i have examine/watched a variety of stuff about casting spotify, but not anything genuinely approximately casting youtube song or something like that. do you want a separate app or program or something? https://192168ll.link/ i am no longer virtually certain the way it works, besides it would not use bluetooth, but as a substitute casts over the net (wifi).
thankyou my issue has been solved