RasPi Display/touch PlugIn - some changes needed...

slowly my RasPi-Volumio player gets in the final stage.

I just added the official Raspberry PI Display. Great!
The touch-plugin works quite well. But some things are really disturbing an need a change.

  • The backlight turns off after some minutes during play - this is great. I do not need it to listen to music…BUT:
    If I want to activate it with a touch, this touch is registered not only as a wakeup touch but as a touch in the GUI…so quite often I select a different track (if the playbacklist is open) or change something else. Me personally could get used to it - just wake it up with a touch at the top left (the Volumio text)…but this is no solution for the rest of the family…
    Is there a chance to change this behaviour? The first touch when backlight is off should not do anything except of bringing the light on again. Please change this!

  • The orientation…I know it is easy to change by hand…but after a update…you know the story. Please put a switch in the settings menu of the plugin to rotate the view.

  • I would really appreciate a way to change the intensity of the backlit…It would be OK in the settings menu of the plugin.

By the way: I know this is a free project. I am willing to put some work in it (sadly no skill in programming - but as a beta tester I would love to help). On the other hand the project is not “free” for me…I am a MyVolumio member…I need Tidal playback… :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening.


PS: I know (and read) the long thread (official-raspberry-touch-screen-t4753.html) about the screen and plugin.But I thought it is quite old and maybe it is worth to start a discussion about this - hope this is OK.

Hm, any comment from the team?
I am willing to try something myself - but I need a start. Which script do I need to change etc.



hello Fabian,
maybe you have to look at the links below … maybe you can do something with it.


github.com/linusg/rpi-backlight … ME.rst#api


for the backlight brightness.

first install the volumio plugin for the touchscreen in the volumio plugin section.

ssh in volumio.

and type the following commands.

first install python.

sudo apt-get install python-pip

install raspberry pi 7 inch touchscreen backlight.

sudo pip install rpi_backlight

execute the code below , 80 stands for clarity …

sudo sh -c “echo 80 > /sys/class/backlight/rpi_backlight/brightness”

That is nice - Thanks!!!

Works perfectly!

f you want to change the accent colors to your own taste, take a look of the link there is a nice tutorial how you can do that :wink:

theyellowsoundmachine.com/how-i- … head-unit/

yes i run through the same issue and made the volume higher. absolutey not good!!!
have to be fixed like FFrank suggested.
If screensaver is on, the first touch should not be recognized as a touch in the GUI

would be nice if this yould be implemented

Could anybody from the team give some feedback here?

This is really annoying.



yes very annoying and its time to implement an wake up touch for the screensaver that is not registered in the GUI :cry:

I’m currently working on extending the touch display plugin. While the request posted here https://forum.volumio.org/raspi-display-touch-plugin-some-changes-needed-t11840.html#p62098 will not be addressed it will presumably have the following features:

Options for screen saver will allow setting the timeout until the screen will be set to DPMS state “off” (no fancy graphics, pictures or the like). Further more it will be possible to block the screen saver as long as Volumio is in playing state.

For the Raspberry Foundation 7" touch screen the screen brightness can be set. Further more there will probably be an option for automatic brightness regulation in dependence of the ambience brightness which of course requires additional hardware (ambient light sensor).

For the Raspberry Foundation 7" touch screen there will be an option to rotate the display by 180°.

There will also be an option to set the visibility of the mouse pointer.

I think I’m pretty much done but will need some time testing and bug squashing before I will issue an PR on GitHub.

P.S. The issue of the plugin install process hanging in cases where keyboard-configure is infinitely waiting for a user response is also expected to be fixed.

Hi gvolt,

this are very good news. Sounds promising!


this sound all very promising - great.

I am looking foreward to check all this!

But what do you mean with this:


The screensaver will not show animations, pictures but set the screen to DPMS mode “off” which results in a black screen.

@gvolt, how do we get your new version?

yes, how do we get your new version???

Sorry for the long-lasting silence… but sometimes real life gets in the way :angry:

I did not publish the plugin yet but plan to this weekend if all goes well. I will open a PR on Volumio’s github account and also load up the plugin’s files including a zip package to my github account.

Plugin has been published - finally :wink:

See the PR https://github.com/volumio/volumio-plugins/pull/338. On my github account https://github.com/gvolt/volumio-touch_display-plugin/releases/latest you can download a .zip file packed with the necessary node modules.

Hello. I decided to deal with the display quite recently. How it is correct to install your plugin? Interests the sequence of actions.

I am also interested in how to correctly install the plug-in.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nokia 6.1 met Tapatalk

  1. If you previously did install the touch_display plugin from the plugin store please uninstall it before proceeding.

  2. Then connect to Volumio via ssh.

  3. If you had installed the touch_display plugin from the plugin store you need to remove /data/volumiokiosk:

sudo rm -r /data/volumiokiosk
  1. Download the plugin package
wget https://github.com/gvolt/volumio-touch_display-plugin/releases/download/v1.1.0/touch_display_1_1_0.zip 
  1. Create a directory for unzipping the plugin package
mkdir touch_display_1_1_0
  1. Unzip the plugin package to the newly created directory
miniunzip touch_display_1_1_0.zip -d touch_display_1_1_0
  1. Change into the directory with the unzipped files
cd touch_display_1_1_0
  1. Install the plugin
volumio plugin install